Why Mediation


Sometimes, the court orders it. Sometimes, the parties choose it for themselves. But however you get there, it's important to know what mediation is, and what it is not.

Mediation works differently than other areas of the law. It's a process by which an impartial person – the mediator – facilitates negotiation between opposing parties and helps them make thoughtful decisions to resolve disputes.

The mediator is neutral to the outcome. There are no sides to take. There is no argument to advance. There is no client to fight for or protect. There is only the mediator doing a kind of "shuttle diplomacy," completely focused on getting resolution and achieving what's reasonable and acceptable for all parties involved.

Bob's broad range of civil litigation experience is enhanced by years of work as a mediator both privately and for the courts. He regularly volunteers his services as a neutral to the United States District Court. He has mediated cases in Ohio and out of state. He has lectured on mediation and has received special training at the American Bar Association Dispute Resolution multi-day conferences in 2012 and 2013 as well as attending the Advanced Mediation and Advocacy Skills Institute in 2013. In December 2013, Bob was inducted to the Ohio Chapter of the National Academy of Distinguished Neutrals.


Bob has successfully mediated disputes about contracts, breach of fiduciary duty, business dissolutions, construction litigation, employment contracts and terminations, employment discrimination, insurance coverage, insurance bad faith, intentional torts, legal and other professional malpractice, personal injuries, race and national origin discrimination, and wrongful death.